We know sleep, from setup to therapy compliance.


American HomePatient delivers superior setup and education for people newly diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and beginning the process of sleep therapy through CPAP.

  • Proper setup with heated humidification and proper mask fit
  • Personalized patient education
  • Ongoing follow-up

State-of-the-art equipment options and expert mask fitting by trained Therapists and/or Technicians trained in interface selection and fitting.

  • Large selection of masks and equipment to meet individual patient needs
  • Highly trained staff participates in ongoing training, remaining current on new technology and proper mask-fitting techniques
  • Mask guarantee program provides mask refit and replacement for improved patient satisfaction and therapy adherence
  • Convenient supply reorder options ensure that patients continue to receive the greatest benefit from their prescribed therapy

Unbeaten Patient Compliance

91% Compliance Rate!

It seems that every day we’re hearing more about how important it is to diagnose and treat people with OSA; exposure to post-surgical complications, in-flight stresses and risks, decreased life expectancy. The many benefits of consistent CPAP use have been well documented, including lowered blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity and improved blood glucose levels, general wakefulness and heightened overall well-being. At American HomePatient, we focus on CPAP compliance in OSA patients to ensure patients are receiving the maximum health benefits that continued use of CPAP therapy can provide.