Electronic Certificate of Medical Necessity (e-CMN) frequently asked questions

Will we receive the information to complete the e-CMN with this new system?
Yes. Our cover letter appears on the screen with the e-CMN, allowing you to reference the information we received upon referral. Currently, this cover letter is sent with each paper CMN. We can now include the same information with the e-CMN.

Our nurses fill out Section B for the doctor. How will they be able to complete this task with this system?
The nurses can continue to complete Section B. They will have their own usernames and passwords, which will enable them to enter data into the appropriate section.

Can our nurses sign the forms for the doctors? 
Absolutely not. The office staff completing Section B will not be able to complete Section D. Only the doctor has access to Section D.

Our doctor sometimes makes changes to the form after the office staff has completed Section B. What happens in this instance? 
A physician has access to Sections A, B and D. When he or she signs the form electronically, the system will automatically apply the date in Section D and ratify the above changes.

What if a physician’s nurse leaves the practice after he or she has been completing e-CMNs? 
There is a designated person in each clinic called a “super-user” who is responsible for letting AuthentidateTM and American HomePatient know that these changes have occurred. Access to the system by an employee will be disallowed immediately upon notification that the employee is no longer with the practice.

We are receiving information regarding HIPAA compliance. Is this system compliant? 
Yes, the doctor has a specific username and password that only he or she knows that allows access only to patient forms for that physician. A doctor cannot access any other physician’s patient information. A doctor’s staff can access patients only if they are approved by the physician’s clinic to do so.

Does this process maintain confidentiality for our patients? 
Absolutely. You will access your files on the server through your username and password. This system far exceeds the paper CMN process regarding confidentiality since only staff members who complete CMNs will have access to the patient’s information.

Is our staff’s information secure? 
Yes, staff members will have their own specific usernames and passwords.

Our staff/doctors become frustrated with complicated computer programs. How complicated is yours? 
The software was written so that the end user (our referral sources) would have little problem completing the electronic CMNs.

Does this system print the CMN for us?
Not automatically; however, we request that you keep a printed, signed copy in your patient’s file, as you did when completing the paper CMNs.

Will you be placing software on our computer system? 
No. You will access an external server via a secure Internet site to complete your forms. The forms that will be specific to your practice will be located at www.inscrybe.net.

What are the computer requirements? 
You will need Internet access with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher.

Where is this server? 
It is located at a secure data center in New York City. The system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also an emergency backup server in an undisclosed location.

Do other physicians use this e-CMN system?
American HomePatient is pleased to be the first to provide this product for physician use. It has proven to be an easy and efficient system for physicians to use.

How can I find out more about the developer of the e-CMN? 
You can learn more about AuthentidateTM at www.inscrybe.com.