Save time, money and paper.

  • What is Inscrybe e-CMN?
    Paperwork eats away at your staff’s time and productivity. With Inscrybe e-CMN (electronic certificate of medical necessity), an automated, electronic version of the same paper forms used in physicians’ offices everywhere, your office can run more efficiently.
  • How does it work?
    When we receive a referral, we will notify you via email that an Inscrybe e-CMN is waiting to be completed. Then simply:
    • Access the Inscrybe e-CMN server via a secure Internet site.
    • Complete the Inscrybe e-CMN.
    • Electronically sign the Inscrybe e-CMN.
  • Automatic processing takes place the moment a physician completes the electronic signature process.
  • What is required?
    To start using the Inscrybe e-CMN in your practice, you'll need:
    • Access to the Internet.
    • At least a 200-megahertz PC with the following software installed:
      • Internet Explorer Version 5.5
      • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® 5.0
    • Password-protected electronic signature verification for the physician – registration is available online.
  • The technology behind the Inscrybe solution allows physicians and their staff to access Inscrybe e-CMN from any location where the above criteria are met. More information is available at Inscrybe Healthcare.
  • Patient Privacy
    Inscrybe e-CMN is secure and HIPAA-compliant. All Inscrybe e-CMN information is accessed via secure, encrypted Internet technology and complies with all current/pending patient privacy and confidentiality regulations.
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