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Welcome to American HomePatient!

Your health and wellbeing are our top priority. We want to make sure your experience is a positive one, and we are here to support you as you start and continue your therapy. Choose your therapy below to learn more about getting started right.

Getting Started with Sleep Therapy

We’re here to help you become a successful PAP (positive airway pressure) therapy user for a lifetime of good health. Click here to learn more.

Getting Started with Oxygen Therapy

We are focused on helping you live comfortably while on oxygen therapy. Click here to learn more.

Paying Your Bill

We offer three easy ways to pay your bill. You can make a payment by mail, phone, or online.

Pay Online

Our online bill pay is a convenient and secure way for you to pay your bill. Not only does it save you time, it saves you money on stamps, checks, envelopes, and trips to the post office. Pay your bills on your own time.

1. How to pay your AHOM bill online. Have your bill and credit card ready.

2. Click here.

3. Type in your account number (this can be found in the top right corner of your bill).

4. Type in your invoice number (this can be found in the big rectangular box in the middle of your bill).

5. Click Login.

6. From here, follow the prompts and type in your payment information.

If you have trouble with this process, check out the Billing Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still have issues, contact our Patient Pay Team at 877-214-7913.

Pay by Mail

To pay by mail, send your payment to the address on your invoice.

Pay by Phone

To pay by phone, have your bill and credit card ready and call 877-214-7913.

Fisher & Paykel, ResMed, and Respironics images and text used with permission.