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Research confirms that mask fit is one of the most critical components to achieving success with PAP therapy. An uncomfortable mask fit can make therapy trying, instead of relieving as it should be.

We have general instructions for how your mask should fit on your face. For specific videos and instructions, refer to the sleep mask product page.

1. Loosen the headgear.

2. Hold your mask against your face in a comfortable position and pull the headgear over your head.

3. Secure the headgear using the straps, clips, or hook and loop tape, etc.

4. Adjust the tension on the mask, ensuring that it fits comfortably (not too loose and not too tight).

5. Also try fitting your mask lying down, as your face will take on a different shape in a reclined position.

Once again, these are general instructions for finding the proper fit. Refer to the manufacturer videos and instructions for specific directions.


When it comes time to start your therapy, follow these simple guidelines for sleeping with your PAP.

1. Put on your mask using the instructions above or according to your specific mask instructions.

2. Ensure your device is plugged in or charged.

3. Connect the tubing to your mask and device.

4. If applicable, fill your humidifier with distilled water and connect it to the device.

NOTE: The humidifier water should be changed with each use.

5. Power on the device.

6. Select your desired settings and start therapy.

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