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Please also visit our masks product page for videos and information on your specific mask.


Possible Cause

What to Do

Mask leak

Headgear straps too tight


Fit the mask lying down

Wash face and clean mask


Facial hair


Need different size or new type of mask

Readjust headgear straps. The mask should be as loose as it can be, while still creating a seal.

Try fitting the mask while lying down with the pressure on.

Try washing your face before you go to bed. Inspect the mask for cracks or stiffness. A cracked mask cannot form a proper seal.

For some people, facial hair can cause minor leaks. Consider a trim if the leak is on or around your mustache. You may also want to try nasal pillows or consider shaving.

Consider a different mask size if none of these options is solving the problem. You may need to be refit for a new mask.


Mask too tight

Mask needs cleaning

Try to fit the mask as loose as possible.

Follow manufacturer’s guidelines and make sure to wash your face and your mask daily.

Feeling claustrophobic

Not used to mask

Practice wearing your mask while sitting down or watching TV. For some people it takes time to get used to PAP therapy, and the best way to overcome the claustrophobic feeling is to practice wearing the mask.

Difficulty breathing through nose

Low humidification

Wrong type of mask

Increase humidification (air may be too dry).

Try switching to a full face mask.

Consult doctor for medication to improve nasal breathing.

Dry mouth

Add or increase humidification

Add or increase the humidification level on your PAP machine.

Consider moving to a full face mask.

Nasal congestion

Add or increase humidification

Consider medication

Add heated humidification or increase humidification level.

Consider over-the-counter nasal decongestants or talk to your doctor about nasal steroids or antihistamines.

Cannot connect tubing to mask

Find videos and information on your specific mask here.

Unable to change out headgear

Find videos and information on your specific mask here.

Unable to change out mask cushion

Find videos and information on your specific mask here.