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Please also visit our PAP devices product page for videos and information on your specific device.


Possible Cause

What to Do

Water in tubing (rainout caused by rapid cooling of the air passing through the tubing)

Humidification set too high

Water chamber overfilled


Turn humidity level down.

Make sure that the water chamber is not overfilled.

Consider air tube wrap to enable constant temperature and humidity control.

Run the air tubing beneath your blankets to keep it warm or consider warming up your room when you sleep.

Do not position PAP device higher than head level.

Keep the unit on a stable and level surface.

The humidifier is not heating and/or using water

Humidifier turned off or on a low setting

Humidifier and PAP unit not properly connected

Check to see if humidifier is turned off or if it is on a low setting.

Have you been traveling with machine? Make sure units are fit together correctly - separate humidifier from PAP device and reconnect firmly.


Humidification setting set too low

Turn the humidification setting up (find videos and information on your specific device here).


Air is too warm

Temperature is set too high

Turn down the air temperature setting (find videos and information on your specific device here).