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Traveling with Oxygen Therapy

Use of Oxygen on Public Transportation

The policies of various air carriers on providing supplemental oxygen service differ. Virtually all airlines do require at least a 24-hour advance notice of your travel plans.

Typical airline requirements are:

• Advance Notice: 48 hours to one week before boarding.

• Prescription Required: quantity of oxygen and flow rate; most require flow rate adjusted for cabin pressure used by that airline.

• Physician’s Release Required: should include diagnosis and release with approval for air travel; special forms may be necessary. Be sure to have several copies of completed forms with you. It is very important to consult with your physician prior to your trip to ensure that the high altitude will not have a negative effect on you.

• Some airlines require patient to be accompanied by a friend or relative.

The following may be helpful:

• American HomePatient can help you arrange for your oxygen supply at your destination. Confirmation of arrangements with American HomePatient at your destination is essential. We must have at least two weeks’ notice.

• Airlines can usually provide assistance, if needed, for boarding and deplaning passengers. Wheelchairs and golf carts at large airports can be requested when reservations are made.

• Travel with a companion. In most airports the pace and distance between ticket counters and boarding gates may be considerable. If problems develop, someone who knows your needs can be of great help.

• Take all prescription drugs on board with you.

• Remember that patience and thorough attention to detail are your most important assets in making successful arrangements for air travel. Plan carefully and plan all arrangements well in advance. The more prepared you are, the easier and more relaxing your trip will be.

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