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Traveling with Oxygen Therapy

If you’re traveling, it is important that your oxygen therapy travels with you. We will help you coordinate your oxygen needs within the United States. Whether you choose to travel by personal vehicle or another form of transportation, we will provide you with the information you need for your journey. We can assist you in making arrangements along your travel route to have your oxygen supply requirements at your destination. Please note that fees may be applied as applicable to your insurance coverage.

Plan Ahead

It is important that you work out your travel plans ahead of time so that you can safely travel without worrying about running out of portable oxygen and to ensure that your stationary unit is available when you arrive.

1. Call our Oxygen Scheduling Center at 855-692-7272 at least two weeks in advance with your travel plans.

a. Provide:

i. Destination address, contact name, and contact phone number.

ii. Secondary or emergency contact name and phone number.

iii. Departure date and return date.

b. Grant American HomePatient permission for the person we can speak to regarding travel needs.

c. Someone 18 years old or older must be available on the pre-scheduled date to accept the delivery.

d. A current, detailed, written order must be provided by you or your physician 2 weeks before the departure date to receive service in another state.

2. Check with your physician. If you are going to an area with a vastly different altitude, your prescription may need to be adjusted for this change.

3. Read and understand the safety precautions required for traveling and moving oxygen equipment.

Safety Tips for Handling & Transporting Oxygen Equipment

American HomePatient can help you prepare to transport your oxygen. If you attempt to move equipment yourself, please observe the following safety rules.

With regard to liquid oxygen, keep equipment upright at all times and disconnect therapy equipment before handling or transporting. Lying a portable or reservoir on its side will cause a rapid release of oxygen through the unit’s pressure relief valve.

The same applies for your stationary concentrator. If possible, make sure your stationary concentrator remains upright when transporting or storing it.

Maintain adequate ventilation. Do not store your oxygen in the trunk of a car.

Warn Others

In all modes of travel, you will be in contact with people who may not understand the safety precautions necessary when using oxygen equipment. No Smoking signs are available upon request.

Use of Oxygen in a Personal Vehicle

Use of Oxygen on Public Transportation

Oxygen Travel Planner

The Oxygen Travel Planner can help you make sure you’re ready to travel with your oxygen therapy. Download and print your Oxygen Travel Planner here. Fill out the form and call the Oxygen Scheduling Center at 855-692-7272 at least two weeks in advance with your travel plans.