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Getting Started with Your Portable Cylinder

Your doctor has ordered oxygen for you to use to help you breathe more easily. Using your oxygen as prescribed by your physician may make you feel better, have more energy, and allow you to become more active. Because your oxygen is a prescribed drug, DO NOT change the liter flow setting and/or how often you use your oxygen without first asking your doctor. If your doctor changes your liter flow setting or hours of use, call us immediately.


1. Make sure your cylinder is in an upright position.

2. Remove dust cover tape from valve stem of new cylinder.

3. Be sure only 1 O-ring (washer) is in place on your regulator. It will leak if the O-ring is missing or defective.

4. Slip the regulator over the cylinder’s valve stem.

5. Make sure the regulator pins are positioned into the proper holes on the cylinder’s valve stem.

6. Tighten the regulator T-handle clockwise until snug.

7. Next, turn the cylinder ON by turning the cylinder wrench one full turn counterclockwise. If the cylinder leaks, try tightening the regulator T-handle. If the cylinder is still leaking, shut the cylinder OFF by turning the cylinders wrench clockwise one full turn. (Refer to the FAQ page or call us for assistance).

8. Attach the nipple adapter to the outlet of the regulator, as instructed by your representative. If using a bubble humidifier, unscrew the humidifier lid from the bottle and fill with distilled water to the “maximum fill line.” Attach the humidifier to the regulator. Take care not to cross-thread the connection.

9. If necessary, attach the end of your nasal cannula or oxygen tubing to the nipple adapter on the regulator, or to the bubble humidifier, if used.

10. You are now ready to set the liter flow on your regulator.

Setting the liter flow on your regulator:

• If you have a needle-type gauge: turn the flow adjustment knob until the needle points to your doctor-prescribed setting.

• If you have a rotary or click-type flowmeter: rotate the dial until the doctor-prescribed liter flow setting appears.

DO NOT change your liter flow setting and/or how often you use your oxygen without consulting with your doctor.

Your cylinder is now ready to use. Put on your cannula or mask as instructed by your representative.

Turning your cylinder OFF

IMPORTANT! When you are finished with your cylinder, turn the cylinder OFF by first turning the cylinder wrench or cylinder valve clockwise until snug. After the pressure on the regulator drops to “zero” (or after the remaining oxygen escapes from the regulator), then you may turn off the flow control knob on the regulator.

REMEMBER! Always make sure your cylinder is OFF before removing the regulator!