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Getting Started with Your Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that “makes” its own oxygen by removing the other gases from the air we breathe. The remaining oxygen is then concentrated or “stored” for you to breathe. Your doctor has ordered oxygen for you to help you breathe more easily. Using your oxygen as prescribed by your doctor may make you feel better, have more energy and allow you to be become more active. Because your oxygen is a prescribed drug, DO NOT change the liter flow setting and/or how often you use your oxygen without first consulting with your doctor. If your doctor changes your liter flow setting or hours of use, please call us immediately.

How to Use Your Concentrator

1. Turn power switch to the ON position. You should hear a short alarm when the concentrator is first turned on. This is normal. If the alarm continues or occurs at times other than when the unit is first turned on, refer to the FAQ page.

2. Attach a nipple adapter to the concentrator’s outlet, if necessary. Be careful not to cross-thread the connection. If you are using a bubble humidifier, it is not necessary to attach an adapter to the concentrator’s outlet. Simply fill the humidifier to the maximum line with water and attach it to the concentrator’s outlet. Be careful not to cross-thread the connection.

3. Attach the extension tubing and nasal cannula or mask to the nipple adapter outlet or the humidifier’s outlet, if used.

4. Adjusting liter flow setting:

a. Ball-type flowmeter: As instructed by your representative, adjust the flow control knob on the concentrator while at eye level with the flowmeter, so the ball is centered on the line for the correct liter flow setting.

DO NOT change your liter flow setting and/or how often you use your oxygen without consulting with your doctor.

5. To begin using your oxygen, simply place the nasal cannula or mask into the proper position on your face.

6. Always turn OFF your concentrator when not in use.