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Portable Cylinder


Possible Cause

What to Do

No flow

(Put the end of the cannula in a cup of water to make sure there is no flow; a steady flow of bubbles should be seen when oxygen flow is present)*

*The cannula water test will not work if you are using a conserving device

Cylinder valve is off

Turn cylinder valve on.

Regulator liter flow is not set properly

Turn regulator flow control knob to prescribed liter flow setting.

Cylinder contents gauge reads “empty”

Replace with full cylinder.

Tubing is disconnected or kinked

Reconnect or straighten tubing.

Regulator malfunction

Call your local branch.

Cylinder is leaking

Regulator not positioned properly

Tighten T-handle or regulator.

Damaged or missing O-ring (washer)

Place new O-ring on regulator or call your local branch.

More than one O-ring on regulator

Ensure only one O-ring is between regulator and cylinder valve.

Regulator malfunction

Call your local branch.

If you’re having issues, contact your local branch. You can find your closest branch using our Locator.

It is important to work through whatever obstacles you encounter. Successful therapy is well worth the time and patience you invest in your ongoing health and wellness.