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Liquid Oxygen


Possible Cause

What to Do

No flow

(Put the end of the cannula in a cup of water to make sure there is no flow; a steady flow of bubbles should be seen when oxygen flow is present)

Flowmeter knob not turned ON or clicked into place

Turn flow control knob to desired liter flow.

Supply tubing or cannula is kinked or blocked

Remove kink from tubing or replace tubing.

Humidifier, if used, is cross-threaded

Disconnect humidifier from unit’s outlet and reconnect without cross threading.

Stationary unit is empty

Switch to another stationary unit or back-up system. Call your local branch for refill if necessary.

Portable unit is empty

Refill from stationary unit.

Frequent hissing noises from stationary unit

Normal for units to release excess pressure on occasion

For normal release of excess pressure, no action needed. Call your local branch immediately if you have steady “venting”, open window, and close door to room.

Water in supply tubing

Some condensation is normal, but may block flow of oxygen

If necessary, replace the supply tubing. Try using less water in humidifier. Keep tubing elevated off floor. Contact your local branch. Your representative may give you shorter supply tubing or replace the humidifier with a different connector.

Fill connect remains open after separating portable unit from stationary unit

Ice build-up within valve

Carefully reconnect portable unit to stationary unit. DO NOT touch any frozen metal parts. Wait five minutes, then try to reconnect.

If you’re having issues, contact your local branch. You can find your closest branch using our Locator.

It is important to work through whatever obstacles you encounter. Successful therapy is well worth the time and patience you invest in your ongoing health and wellness.