Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Was my insurance billed? We bill all available insurances prior to billing a patient for equipment.

How do I know if my last payment was received? Please allow 7-10 business days from the date you mailed your payment to give us time to process your payment and apply the payment to your outstanding balance. If you have questions, contact our patient pay team at 877-214-7913.

Why didn’t my insurance pay? We verify eligibility prior to equipment setup. If you have had a change in coverage or you don’t meet your insurance requirements, you may be responsible for payment.

I have Medicare and Medicare HMO; why are you billing me? A Medicare HMO, also known as a replacement plan, cannot be billed along with standard Medicare. The benefits of your plan may be subject to a coinsurance and deductible.

How much longer until my equipment becomes mine? For CPAP devices, rental payments for most insurance is 13 months. For oxygen, Medicare does not convert your purchase to a sale and the equipment remains the property of American HomePatient.

Should I pay AR Allegiance or American HomePatient?  We encourage patients to directly pay American HomePatient. You can make a payment by mail, phone, or online. Payment can be sent to the address on your invoice or made online here.